Friday, 12 September 2014

New Water Recycling Plant

At Preva Produce we are always looking at ways to improve efficiency whilst making the minimum impact on the environment. The latest addition to our Snetterton site fits these criteria and enables us to run more cost-efficiently too.

This Investment has resulted in an impressive water recycling plant for Preva, which is set to make a substantial reduction in our annual water bills and waste disposal costs.

The plant will be recycling the water that we use for washing our potatoes, enabling us to re-use it over and over again, with only minimal water loss on daily usage.

By removing all vegetable matter, soil deposits and chemicals from the water, we are then able to use it to wash batch after batch of our premium potatoes. The soil deposits removed are also usable, cutting down further on waste products.

The water recycling plant is set to become a great asset to the company, whilst greatly reducing the amount of water we use and the waste sent to landfill - good for Preva, good for the environment and good for our customers.

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

New Cold Store Units for Preva

Previously approved expansion plans have been underway at Preva's state-of-the-art potato packing facility at Snetterton Business Park, Norfolk.

The site was first marked out in December for the construction of New Cold Store units, adjacent to the potato packing plant. The site firstly had to be cleared and levelled and the foundations set out. Excavation work then commenced, with workers having to dig down into blue clay.
Following completion of this stage, the bolt boxes were installed and the concrete poured for the foundations. The steel erection went without a hitch and the cladding work was carried out prior to the placing of the concrete floor with drainage connections and external reinforced concrete works, thus completing the majority of the project.

The two cold stores were then fitted out with new chiller units ready in time for this year's potato crop, with additional reinforced concrete work for delivery trucks more recently added to the front of the site.

Located at the heart of a prime salad potato producing area, this facility is committed to providing a fast, cost-effective solution to grading, washing and packing both salad and main crop potatoes.

The plant makes full use of automation, employing robotised handling and palletisation methods for finished packages, to streamline the whole process.
For further information please contact Preva Produce on 0044 1362 684300, or visit our website at