Monday, 21 March 2016

Ready, Jazzy, Go!

Norfolk Farmer and Preva Director Ian Anderson is looking forward to motor racing success in this smart Jazzy car!

This motorsport season Ian will be contesting the GTA category of the GT Cup Championship, proclaiming, “This is going to be an exciting season for everyone involved with the Jazzy Ginetta G55.”

Ian races with Watton based Lifetime Racing who will be preparing the stunning Jazzy car and providing all necessary trackside support. His partner, Amanda Black, will be joining him for the endurance element of the series this year.

The GT Cup Championship opening round will be held at Donington Park on the weekend of April 23rd and 24th with the concluding round taking place at Snetterton in early October. All of us at Preva would like to wish Ian every success in his championship bid!

To read more about Ian’s championship bid click here

Why a Jazzy car?

At Preva we’re really proud of our versatile little Jazzy potatoes. This small set-skinned variety with an appetising appearance is available to buy at Asda. Jazzy potatoes can be crushed, steamed, roasted or boiled and served with all manner of tasty meals, so why not give them a try?

Racing using the Jazzy colours and logo is a celebration of this great little potato and will hopefully let more people know about this handy store-cupboard staple.

Check out the tasty Jazzy potato at

Friday, 11 March 2016

Specialist Seed Storage

At Preva we work closely with leading potato seed breeders to develop and perfect growing, grading, handling and distribution systems of potato seed.

Our main Foulsham site operates a specialist facility with the capacity to grade seed up to five size splits, ensuring optimum accuracy in quality seed potato production. Our rigorous methods help to ensure uniformity of the crop and reduce the risk of viral and fungal disease.

With specialist in-field production, we have dedicated field-based seed grading lines, enabling splitting, grading, treating and boxing of seed in one smooth operation.

Our Preva seed specialist Ross explains, “I believe that sustaining the quality of suitable seed potatoes is dependent on complete traceability and transparency of the whole seed production process. Starting with the provenance of the original source, throughout the whole grading, handling and storing stages, right up to reaching the eventual recipient, high standards need to be maintained.”

Our premier seed storage facilities are guaranteed CIPC (sprout suppressive agrochemical) free. We have a ready supply of new, purpose-made boxes designed exclusively for seed storage and the capability to safely and efficiently transfer seed between box and bag, and vice versa, to suit customer requirements. We are also able to competently handle all distribution quantities, formats and vehicles, including bulk intake to jumbo bags in shipping containers.

At Preva we aim to maintain the highest standards throughout all of our processes, ensuring the best quality products.

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Friday, 4 March 2016

Jazzy Potatoes At Asda

We’re very proud of our Preva Jazzy potatoes, a tasty, British grown, small, set-skinned variety, with an appetising appearance - and now you can buy them at Asda.

Jazzy is a really versatile little potato that you can boil, steam, crush or roast and serve as an accompaniment to any meal. We’d love to hear how you serve yours.

At Preva we’re really pleased to be supplying this excellent little potato to supermarket giant Asda. Why not take a look by visiting where you can buy a 1kg for £1.25?

You can also read more about this tasty little number at 

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